Breast Cancer Awareness

It is, at this point, considered to be good wisdom in that trying to educate any population, it is best to educate the women of that population because they will teach their children and community.  Arguably because of this factor, breast cancer awareness is through the roof, with more and more charities and companies joining in to spread awareness and help fund research and care of cancer.

Few things specifically threaten the lives of women worldwide like breast cancer.  It is a leading cause of death and the leading cancer that afflicts women of all nations.  Next month is the month everything turns punk.  This is for a good reason. Women are important to children, men, and society.  Never one to rest on their laurels, Locksley Anthony is participating in a Breast Cancer Walk on October 18th,  9 a.m. at Prospect Park.

It is sure to be a good time whether you’re looking for the ultimate, awkward first date or a day out with the kids, Prospect Park is beautiful.   Some people paint signs to show how breast cancer has affected them and their community.  Others raise awareness about breast cancer by handing out pamphlets or simply raising their voices.  Come show women how much you care!

We invite everyone to get off their keisters and move for the health of mothers, sisters, daughters, and wives.  We also encourage everyone to share their stories about their significant women figure educating or teaching them with the #BreastCancerAwareness. Together, we can make a difference!  Locksley Anthony Henry can’t wait to see everyone out in force (and pink)!