Our Annual Scholarship Dinner!

In older times, when the West still hadn’t been won, the horse and buggy were the best mode of transportation, and almost every family ran a farm, there were no construction crews and building barns still wasn’t the task of one man.

But, in those days, communities would come together to have a barn raising bee. Men would work from dawn until dusk, children did the small odd jobs, and the women would all gather together to make fire pits to cook fantastic spreads for all.  The shop keeps would donate food and drink so that when night came, a jubilant celebration could be held inside the new barn.

Although these days are thankfully behind us, the way of life where everyone works to help another family, knowing that others helped them or will help them when their day comes is not behind us.  Nor is the importance of celebrating a great task well done as a community any less important or fresh in mind.


Around this time last year, men and women gathered together to raise money and awareness with the Locksley Anthony Henry scholarship foundation so that the children of other families could get the education crucial to their own joyful, successful future.

They gathered not only to raise that money and awareness, but also to celebrate the goodwill the foundation had received over the year.  They celebrated the previous students who saw success.  They thanked the other people who made all of this possible.  They remembered those passed who had made it possible for them.   They remembered the celebrations previous and enjoyed the celebration at hand.

This year, we hope to see even more new faces standing with the old ones.  Join us to raise something special up so that others and their families may prosper.  We at Locksley Anthony Henry hope you’ll join us on July 31st at Princess Manor for cocktails and dinner.  Together, we can build something really special and have a good time doing it.