Scholarship Recipients



Eric Yeung 

“Being selected for this scholarship is an honor. By winning this scholarship, I made my family and friends who supported me proud. My parents have high expectations of me, thus it is difficult to please them, so making them feel proud of me is a big accomplishment itself. Also, winning this scholarship means that I am able to obtain my goals more easily. It is an investment to my education, which them I am able to follow my career and financially support my desire to achieve my life goals. Every accomplishment I have achieved so far compels me to keep going forward into achieving my dreams and this scholarship is another step towards my door to success.”


Hugette LaFleur 

“Upon receiving the news that I have been awarded the Locksley Henry Anthony Scholarship for 2015, I felt shocked and endlessly grateful. It was like a dream come true. Felicia Henry saw potential in my essay and my hard work paid off. Thoughts of the scholarship occupied my mind day and night. To be given this scholarship is an amazing opportunity. Buffalo State College is my dream school and this scholarship will be a key tool in helping me achieve this dream. My plan is to study criminal justice as my major. This scholarship means a lot to me because it will provide me with education and it will be a catalyst toward my future. I just want to thank the corporation and the Henry family for deciding to give me such an amazing gift. I also want to give a big thank you to Locksley Anthony Henry that created and but his heart to this foundation.”


Larry Pitts

“This is a picture of some dorm friends I made. College is a really awesome experience. It teaches you independence and maturity. The Locksley Anthony Henry Scholarship Foundation provided me with financial support and honored me greatly for my accomplishments in high school. They history of the scholarship influence me to strive my hardest and to break down barriers for the next generation. I want the scholarship foundation to be proud of me in 2019 when I graduate when a bachelor degree. I will prove that their hard work and dedication was put to go use.”



Jenny Guan

“Being chosen to receive this scholarship from the LAH Foundation was undoubtedly a remarkable achievement for me. It gave my parents not only the joy of knowing that my hard work throughout high school paid off, but also gave me the tremendous satisfaction that they have to worry a little less about paying the remaining tuition for my first year at Binghamton University. I have to sincerely thank the LAH foundation for their time in reviewing my application and their generosity of presenting me with such a wonderful gift. This scholarship definitely serves as a symbol of motivation for me to keep putting my best foot forward in college and thereafter.”





Omar Saul

“This scholarship had a lot of meaning to me, and not just financially. It allowed me to meet so many accomplished people and helped me build an extensive network through the Foundation’s events. The scholarship created a bit more reassurance that I would survive college both financially and academically, and I thank the Foundation for considering me out of so many people.”




Nicholas Marshall Yearbook

Nicholas Marshall

 “There are few words which can adequately express my gratitude to The Locksley Anthony Henry Scholarship Foundation, for their generous contribution. For me, the scholarship means that I can have some peace of mind, knowing that part of my tuition at NYU has been taken care of. This peace of mind allows me to have greater focus as I continue to pursue my academic endeavors.”







Sherryann Thomas

“During my junior year at Brooklyn Academy of Science and the Environment, I was very aware of how costly a college education can be. However, it wasn’t until the beginning of my senior year when I began to do more research and fill out college applications that my realization became more apparent. I realized that being accepted into college is one thing but paying for it is another. As the days counted down to my college career, I had no idea how my parents would afford to pay for my tuition. I began to get worried but when it seemed as though nothing was in my favor, my guidance counselor recommended that I fill out the application for the Locksley Anthony Henry Scholarship. I was riant as another opportunity knocked on my door and so I filled out the written application with ease hoping and praying for a miracle. Indeed, a couple weeks later I received notice that I would be awarded the Locksley Anthony Henry Scholarship. In August 2013, as a freshman at the City College of New York, I had to make sure that my bill was paid in full within a couple days. If it had not been for the Locksley Anthony Scholarship, I would not have been able to go to school for that semester since I did not have enough money. College welcomed me with tuition bills that I’ve never had to pay before while in high school. It was different and very new to me that every semester I got a new bill to pay for my tuition. However, I am so thankful for the generosity, as well as the financial and emotional support of the Locksley Anthony scholarship foundation. I am also very grateful that they took the opportunity to foster my quest for knowledge.”