Words of Wisdom

With the summer drawing near an end and students finding out about their college choices and  scholarships, it seemed appropriate for last words of wisdom to be imparted to all students  about to embark on the next leg of their journey, especially the three new winners of the   Locksley Anthony Henry scholarship.

  1. Consider living at home. We can hear you all groaning and preparing to whinge about “your college experience” requiring you to dorm. The truth is, as much as half of your college bill would disappear if you lived at home.  The harder truth is that there is no one, true college experience anymore.  With adult learners flooding the market, it is unlikely you will be the only student going home after classes. There are many commuters who are not adult learners and most schools have commuter associations that plan activities to help integrate commuters into the campus community. The second consideration to keep in mind is that you will have plenty of time to make friends and connections without engaging in campus drama.
  1. Get a work study position. Many colleges have positions throughout the college hierarchy for students that pay at least minimum wage and offer the ability to gain useful skills.  Most of these jobs still offer time to study while getting paid. Depending upon the position, you may even gay real-world skills. Honestly, it is an amazing way to make life long friends, references, and pay for those ludicrously priced textbooks.
  1. Pack a lunch. We know, it seems ridiculous, but many colleges like to hike the price on dining and food because they have a captive audience in time-pressed students.  Bring snacks, lunch, and a refill-friendly water bottle to avoid extra costs.  Many campuses also have an alternative cafe to the pricey Starbucks and Dunkin’ that offer discounts on life energy (coffee) to their students.  Food and drinks add up over the semester, so avoid costs and bring your own.
  1. Get a job. Yes, college is busy, but a part-time job through college not only allows for paying off loans, but also impresses employers with the ability to handle multiple projects at once. During Junior and Senior year, it is possible to get positions doing work in your field of study so that when you graduate you already have real experience.
  1. Apply for more scholarships. Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean the scholarship game is over.  Many schools have scholarships for current students to apply for.  There are also many scholarships offered to college students in their sophomore, junior, and senior years.  Don’t forget to apply for them!

As always, we’re so proud of our scholarship recipients! Good luck in your futures and stay in touch.  Locksley Anthony Henry is honored to be part of your present and future.